May 27‚ 2015

Ahoj‚ a bold display sans serif inspired by images of old signs and lettering‚ from TypeTogether. “If you liked this typeface we invite you to donate to any of these charities recommended by international media‚ to help Nepal to recover from the devastation and tragedy caused by the series of earthquakes…” See their website for more details.

May 26‚ 2015

Vito; a sans serif family with 6 weights + italics in 5 different widths. Published from @Typejockeys. 80% off for a limited time.

May 25‚ 2015

New Grotesk Square‚ a series of 7 condensed fonts inspired by printed wood and display type specimen.

May 24‚ 2015

Kazimir‚ a static contrast serif typeface‚ comes with two stylistic sets – Regular & Irregular. Created by Yury Ostromentsky & Ilya Ruderman. 50% off until Jun 8.

May 23‚ 2015

Congenial; a friendly and inviting face with a generous x-height and highly differentiated characters. Designed by @L_Worthington. 50% off until Jun 21.

May 22‚ 2015

Decima Round‚ one more addition to the Decima fonts family. Decima Round Family is 80% off until July 2.

May 21‚ 2015

César Puertas structured his unique series into six styles with distinct but matching flavors: grotesque‚ rounded‚ slab-serif and transitional — all based on the same skeleton but with different finishing.

May 20‚ 2015

Noe Text‚ a type family with sharp & triangular serifs‚ by @schicktoikka

May 19‚ 2015

Rui Abreu & Göran Söderström completed Bruhn Sans in memory of Peter Bruhn who should have turned 46.

May 19‚ 2015

Decour by @Latinotype. Decour Complete Family is 82% off until July 2.